Every separation is different. And sometimes when relationships end, things get messy.


And if there has been violence either during or after the relationship has ended, it may not only affect your safety, but also your readiness to negotiate care arrangements for your children, a property settlement or even taking matters to Court if no agreements can be reached. We can help you put into place boundaries and mechanisms that can help you keep yourself and children safe as well as empowering you to take back control of your life.

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Things to keep in mind

It is not just about black eyes or broken bones - Family Violence is often a lot more subtle than that and what is included as family violence is broad and includes behaviour such as:

  • Any kind of assault, both physical and/or sexual.

  • Stalking or repeated derogatory taunts.

  • Intentionally damaging or destroying property.

  • Intentionally causing death or injury to an animal.

  • Unreasonably denying the family member the financial autonomy that he or she would otherwise have had.

  • Unreasonably withholding financial support needed to meet the reasonable living expenses of the family member, or his or her child, at a time when the family member is entirely or predominantly dependent on the person for financial support.

  • Preventing the family member from making or keeping connections with his or her family, friends or culture.

  • Unlawfully depriving the family member, or any member of the family member's family, of his or her liberty. 

What about family violence and children?

Family violence affects the entire family - whether it is directed towards them or not. In fact children are exposed to family violence if they:

  • overhear threats of death or personal injury by a member of the child’s family towards another member of the child’s family; or

  • see or hear an assault of a member of the child’s family by another member of the child’s family; or

  • comfort or provide assistance to a member of the child’s family who has been assaulted by another member of the child’s family; or

  • clean up a site after a member of the child’s family has intentionally damaged property of another member of the child’s family; or

  • are present when police or ambulance officers attend an incident involving the assault of a member of the child’s family by another member of the child’s family.

What if you have been accused of perpetrating Family or Domestic Violence?

If you have been accused, or if a Protection Order has been made against you, then this may affect your ability to negotiate parenting arrangements or even a property settlement.

We can give you advice about your options regarding any allegations/Application for a Protection Order against you/Varying a Protection Order and especially how any allegations/Application/Order may affect you both now and in the long term.


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