Every family is different. And when you pass, you want to make sure that those who you love and care for most continue to be cared for long after you have gone. Don't leave it up to chance. There are things you can do now.


And, if you have a blended family or former spouses, you will want to make sure that certain people are properly provided for or those who you don't want to provide for aren't. That is where we can help!

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Things to keep in mind

Your Will is not necessarily all about you - it is about ensuring that those that are let behind are provided for in a way that you want.

With Estate planning, it is not just a Will that you may need; there are other documents to think about such as an Enduring Power of Attorney or Advance Health Directive and you will also need to ensure you deal with your superannuation and insurance policies as they do not automatically fall into your estate once you pass. 

Where should you keep the originals of your Estate Planning documents?

    We offer a free safe custody storage service for all of our clients. That way you and your executors/attorney's have peace of mind knowing exactly where to look when any of the documents are needed. 



    3 steps to preparing your Estate Planning documents

    1. Book in for your consultation so we can discuss your Estate Planning document needs, including what you want to achieve for your family and loved ones when you pass.
    2. We prepare your Estate Planning documents.
    3. You sign your Estate Planning documents.

    Want to get your Estate Planning documents in place now? Book in for your Consultation.