Ways to a resolution

"The plaintiff and the defendant in an action at law, are like two men ducking their heads in a bucket, and daring each other to remain longest under water.” - Samuel Johnson

At KLP, we offer an approached tailored to your needs. If you are time poor, we can do it all for you. If you are cost conscious, then we can shadow you. If you just want guidance to know what you are doing is right, then we can set you on the right course. If you want to bounce an idea around, we can be your sounding board. 

We try and avoid litigation where possible and our preference is to be guided by the principles of collaborative law – one of those principles is to avoid litigation and instead rely on an atmosphere of honesty, cooperation, integrity and professionalism geared towards the future wellbeing of your family. We seek to find a better way to resolve your family law issue.

KLP family Law has an emphasis on private mediations. There is a high success rate of settlement at mediations. Our aim is to resolve disputes without court intervention – we concentrate on the bigger picture and do not get bogged down in trivial matters. Our approach provides you with maximum involvement, control and flexibility over your outcome.


Our approach involves either -


#1 Shadowing your matter

Instead of retaining a solicitor to do everything on your matter that needs to be done, KLP Family Law have the concept of ‘shadowing’ your matter.

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#2 Collaborative Practise

Collaborative law is a better way to settle disputes. In the collaborative law process the focus is solely on settlement. 

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Which method is best for you?