One of the top questions that you may have when you think of having to use a lawyer is “how much will this all cost me?!”.  

We’ve thought about that and have a number of service packages and we have no doubt that one of those will suit your financial needs. 

So, what packages do we have?

The DIY.png

This package is designed for you if you are wanting to do everything yourself, but need the knowledge about the process and what to do. We can give you guidance to help you through the process. We will give you the knowledge and guidance to go off and do it yourself - we can then review any documents you prepare or discuss any road blocks you hit. This package can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Fixed Fee.png

This package is designed for you where set out exactly what we will do and provide a fixed price to do it. To keep to that fixed price it means there will be things you will need to do along the way to save costs. This package gives you assurance as to what is being done and how exactly how much it will cost. If you want us to do more along the way which is outside the initial scope and price - we provide you with an additional scope and price email setting out the above.

The Shadows.png

This package is where we stay in the shadows and help you only where you need us. We do absolutely nothing other than be there for you. You will book in PAYG conferences as opposed to emailing (as emailing is where costs can blow out) where we will discuss the issues/road blocks you are facing and give you the advice needed to move forward. It may be that you engage us for one of the other packages, or continue doing things yourself.

full bell and whilstes.png

This package is designed for those of you who just want someone to take care of it all for you - providing the full bell & whistles! You may be too busy to manage it all or you just want to hand it all over to someone else to sort out and run with.


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