Rochelle Glasheen

Master of Coin

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Hi, I joined the KLP team in February 2019 and am the accounts person in charge of all things money - hence the ‘Master of Coin’ title!

I came from an Admin/Accounting job for the past 12 years and wanted a change of scenery and KLP seemed the perfect fit. I definitely prefer accounting stuff over admin stuff which some people think is crazy but it works for me.

Making accounts balance and ensuring that all the figures add up at the end of the month is a win for me.

I now have my own office at KLP that I share with the Chief People Person Kimberley and we make it work, even though she is a little messy and I am very tidy!

I like being able to chat with the clients and ensure that they know the costs involved and make them feel like they can contact us anytime and always happy to help with any account questions they may have. Just don’t ask me a legal question - I’ll leave that for the Legal Eagles!

Outside of KLP I am a mum of two boys (16 and 8) and that keeps me very busy and I enjoy walking and reality TV (even though I hate to admit that - so don’t judge!). Spending time with friends and family is huge for me so that is where you will find me most weekends.