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Your free Separation Pathway

Whether you need assistance with parenting, property or both, our smart online tool will help you find out where you stand with a personalised Separation Pathway. Your Pathway will help you understand the legal process, with information that is specific to your personal situation. It will also give your lawyer a significant head start on your matter, by gathering some of the key details they need to begin to provide advice.

Begin your Estate Planning today

Our Estate Planning assistant provides value for money for savvy clients seeking expert Estate Planning advice. Using this system will provide our lawyers with all of the information they need to review your circumstances and draft your Will and, if required, your Powers of Attorney. That means your time with us can be spent talking about important issues and making the most of our expertise.

Parenting e-Workbook

Are you, or do you know anyone who is (i.e. friend, family, client/customer), having issues with the care arrangements for their kids? Or have you or they have just separated and want to know what may need to happen?

You, or they, will have some important decisions to make and actions to take (or not to take!) – those actions and decisions have the potential to impact on the kids, and the co-parenting relationship in either a positive or negative way. Don’t put yourself in a worse position – get the information you need now to make sure you are doing the right things and things runs smoothly.

Schedule of Assets, Liabilities, and Superannuation

If you have separated and you are needing to finalise the financial relationship between you and your former partner, it can be daunting and confusing to know where to start. I always like to start at the beginning and with the basics - what do you both have to potentially divide up between you both! This Excel spread sheet sets out a list of your assets, liabilities and superannuation and has pre-populated formulas so that it automatically calculates % divisions and the like.

Family Law Checklist of Documents to Collate

What documents do you need to give to the other person if you're going through a separation? I've put together a list to help you out - check off the boxes once you have the documents.

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