Office Ambassador

Franki is a Frug (French Bulldog cross Pug) and loves coming to work at the office - the most enthusiastic one of our team!

Franki has been raised as an office dog, born in January and straight into the office by March! She knows the routine and sits in all client appointments with Kate. Sure she snores... a lot, but her cute little face and wagging tail make up for it.

Franki also loves to attend committee meetings with Kate at NQ Women's Legal Service and pretty much goes wherever Kate goes. Little Franki has some separation anxieties and will most days wear her thunder shirt or harness to help calm her down. 

In her spare time Franki loves sleeping in (not much of a morning dog this one... literally have to wake her for breakfast!), playing with her pet chicken (you read that right!) and stalking her sister cat Jaffi... in a friendly sibling way of course!