Our Initial Consultations run for however long we need to get through the initial information and advice – there is no clock running and we are not rushed.


Our Initial Consultations are a fixed fee of $330.00 (payable on the day).

For Estate Planning Documents (i.e. Wills), the Initial Consultation is complimentary. We will talk about the costs of the Estate Planning Documents we recommend once we have an idea of your needs and what you are wanting to achieve. 

There are a several ways law firms charge for their fees including itemised scale fees, statutory scales, task based fees, fixed fees and conditional fee arrangements which may include an uplift fee.  These different methods of charging may result in different fees payable. The traditional approach to charging of most law firms is time costing on an hourly rate. That is, you pay for how long it takes someone to do the work.

Here at KLP Family Law we shy away from time costing on an hourly basis – we find that time costing in the area of Family Law can lead to inefficiencies and inappropriate fees being charged to clients. One of the major concerns with the traditional hourly charge rate is padding or inflating time sheets and bills or taking longer than what it really takes to do a specific task. Charging by the hour also places more emphasis on quantity rather than quality.

Here at KLP Family Law we provide you a price and scope (i.e. what is to be done) which is discussed with you before we do any work. All that is discussed with you at the Initial Consultation.


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