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KLP Talk | Child Support

Are you (or do you know anyone who is i.e. friend, family, client/customer) having to deal with Child Support? You, or they, will have some important information and documents that will need to be provided and which will be received. And a lot of the letters and information that you will receive about Child Support will, at first glance, look very confusing and scary.  The information has the potential to impact on what you pay or receive by way of Child Support in either a positive or negative way. Don't put yourself in a worse position - get the information you need now to make sure you understand your Child Support obligations.

Join us for our FREE webinar -

WEDNESDAY 6 DECEMBER 2017 at 12noon or 5:30pm

Why? discover more about Child Support with a real life example of a letter/assessment and how to understand it (trust me – it isn’t as simple as it sounds!)