Every separation is different. And sometimes when relationships end, things get messy.


And if you have children - even if you now have a blended family - there are financial obligations that you now have that you are separated. The Child Support Assessment is a one size fits all formula that may not fit your specific circumstances. That is where we can help!

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Things to keep in mind

When you separate, Child Support will not automatically be paid to you. You will have to ask for an assessment to be calculated. That is done through the Department of Human Services - Child Support.

You can also use the online calculator to see how much you may receive, or pay, by way of child support.

You do not have to go through the child support agency - there are other options.

You do not have to get an assessment for child support - and separated parents can come to private agreements about who will pay what. We call them Child Support Agreements. There are a number of options to legally document the private agreement, depending on what you feel is right for your family.


You have an assessment but you think it isn’t correct or based on incorrect information?

We can also help and guide you to make an Application to Change an Assessment and guide and represent you through that process.


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