Office Ambassador

Bronti is a Chug (Chihuahua cross Pug) and loves nothing more than treats and pats (in that order if you don't mind!).

Bronti gives back to her community by volunteering her time downstairs at the NQ Domestic Violence Service where she sits in on Uncle Jim's men's programs, helps out writing emails and is always available for pats with the children that attend the service.

In fact sometimes Bronti has her own appointments at the office, with people visiting just for her to give her a pat and a little treat! Whilst she isn't the best in client appointments (she is a bit demanding and her attention is lacking...), to make up for this we can say that Bronti makes sure that the floors of the lunch room remain clean and food free!

In her spare time Bronti loves car rides (she has a baby seat she loves to sit in... sad but true), sleeping in and eating - like clockwork, we could set our watches to her; we can confirm the results of Pavlov's theory!