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BIG NEWS – Interest Rates Have Dropped!

The Reserve Bank of Australia has dropped Interest Rates to an all-time low! This means it’s the perfect time to look at purchasing your first property, refinancing your existing mortgage or having a close look at your property investments. So, what could that possibly have to do with Estate Law you ask?

Regardless of whether you’re thinking of purchasing, refinancing or even you already own a property, you need ensure you have all your ducks in a row. That’s right, we’re being Debbie Downers again and going to talk about if something were to happen to you and your family if you have a property (and like most of us, a mortgage). What you do now, can have certain impacts on you and your family down the track if the worst was to happen.

It’s a simple answer, you need a copy of the Will. However, what is often not so simple is whether you are legally entitled to a copy of the Will and if you are, how do you obtain a copy?

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