Who and How – obtaining a copy of someone’s Will

After a loved one passes away questions arise about the deceased’s wishes. Who did they want to their Estate to go to? Did they want to be cremated or buried? Who do you need to talk about the funeral arrangements? Have they left someone out of their Will? The Executor of a Will is the person tasked with making sure the deceased’s wishes are followed – but what if you’re not the Executor and you have these questions?

It’s a simple answer, you need a copy of the Will. However, what is often not so simple is whether you are legally entitled to a copy of the Will and if you are, how do you obtain a copy?

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Financial Agreement vs Consent Order

Lately at KLP we have seen an influx in Financial Agreements – also known as Binding Financial Agreements or “BFA’s” - being prepared by other firms. When asking client’s if they are aware why their former spouse has had a Financial Agreement prepared, as opposed to the more common option of Consent Orders, the response is often “the Bank said we just needed something in writing”, “we’re amicable” or “we want something simple”. However, none of these responses answer the question.

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What can I do if my co-parent tries to move my children overseas?

When I think of an international child relocation, I think of 60 Minutes’ botched attempt to abduct two children from Lebanon, when the Father would not return them to Australia.

There are much easier ways to recover children back to Australia which don’t involve hiring professionals or linking up with 60 Minutes (or any other news outlets for that matter).

So, what are your options?

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Grandparents – do you have rights?

When parents separate, care arrangements for the children of the relationship or marriage are often negotiated amicably or orders are made with intervention from the Court.

When Orders or agreements are being negotiated by parents after separation, other important people in the child or children’s lives such as their grandparents are often overlooked.

You might have a falling out with your grandchild or grandchildren’s parents and are no longer able to spend time with or communicate with your grandchild/ren. Or god forbid the unthinkable happens and one or both of your grandchild’s parents passes leaving them without one or both of their parents.

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Have you been a victim of an act of violence? Would you like some cash to get back on your feet?

Through a Victim Assist Application, you could receive a payment (which can be between $1,000 to $10,000) in recognition that an act of violence has occurred to you, and reimbursement for any out of pocket expenses you have had, such as medical costs, counselling costs, or security upgrades to your house.

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