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At KLP Family Law, we only do Family Law and Wills & Estates - which means that whatever you are going through, we have more than likely encountered it before and we know how to assist you to navigate through this chapter of your life.

Since opening our doors in 2012, we have been able to assist separated couples transition into a new chapter of their family’s life, ensuring that we minimise the disruption on the family unit as a whole. Whether that is separating from your spouse/partner, with or without children, with or without property, wanting to adopt your step child, wanting to put in place workable care arrangements for your children right through to retirees or those nearing retirement and wanting to separate - the property settlement you are about to embark on will essentially double as your retirement package. Whatever your circumstances, we can help!


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Our clients mean a lot to us.

Which means we provide the same service and attention to our clients as we would to any member of our own family.

Even if it is not your first time seeking legal assistance, it can still be quite daunting to have to engage a solicitor for your Family Law matter. We understand this and we have a simple philosophy of treating all clients as if they were a member of our extended family.

Here at KLP Family Law we have a team based environment which enhances collaboration and cooperation – an important part of providing excellent legal services. The most vital part of this process is you.